A few years ago a family member fell very ill with cancer. She was given medication that meant she put on a large amount of weight quickly and made her skin very sensitive to the touch. This made dressing very challenging. We needed to find a solution and quickly. She had been in hospital using their hospital gowns but when they sent her home they did not send home any of the gowns to use. When she finally moved to a nursing home, again she needed her own clothing.

If we could have purchased the gowns we would have but we could not find ANYTHING. There was no choice I started making gowns for her. But we did not just want some ugly old thing – we wanted something pretty that made her feel nice, being only in her early 60s she was used to dressing well. We also wanted something that looked good for all her visitors and the special occasions we were able to celebrate with her.

Hospital Gowns Australia was born.

We understand that you want your loved one to look nice.

We know that they need to wear good fabrics that wash and wear well and are lovely on the skin.

We know that you have a limited budget because there are so many expenses when a loved one is ill.

We know it needs to make life easy and maybe even bring a smile to someone’s face – sometimes when you feel so awful – looking good can make you feel a little bit better.

Our gowns are designed from experience. They have been used in high care situations in both, home and nursing home situations.

We have now expanded our range and have designed a range that are now being used across Australia in clinics such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, x-ray, radiology and oncology clinics.

We are a family run business in Sydney. We love to hear from you.

Vanessa Firth